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Pedro Froes

About me.

Active nerdy business owner who loves coding, games, drawing, cartoons and outdoors ( when I can !).

I am a designer and developer hybrid , and I have more than 10 years of experience if you put all together . I'm also a owner of a small design studio that is growing fast. We take on a wide range of work including web design, graphic design,3d,games,branding, motion graphics , business communication and much more.

I'm always involved in many projects, some of them are available on my website. My goal is to become a way to make your company thrive; Moreover, to develop web strategies to improve the image and contribute with the ROI of the company .




Over the years I have been presented to many scenarios on the digital design as a jack-of-all-trades.Here it is a glimpse of my work

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3D Animation @ Canada

20 Aug, 2016

video name

VMB - Mtv @ Brazil

05 Aug, 2005

video name

Websites @ England

05 Jul, 2007

video name

Radar-Magazine @ Australia

10 Sep, 2012

video name

DVD @ New York

20 Aug, 2016

video name

2D animation @ Barcelona

20 Aug, 2016

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